Ozone Cleaning

Ozone Treatment, offering the customer an end to end process for mould, odour & infestation rectification. 

Ozone Cleaning

Ozone is a gas composed of 3 oxygen atoms combined and Ozone itself is a gas, when it is under pressure; it is a gas that decomposes readily into molecular oxygen.

Ozone molecules wipe out unwanted odours and render the air clean and fresh before reverting back to oxygen. Ozone is for deodorising and anti-bacterial purposes. Ozone is the world's second most powerful steriliser and is highly effective at destroying viruses, bacteria such as mould and odours.


Benefits of Ozone

  • Ozone effectively removes:
  • Odours - chemical, organic & smoke damage
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Allergens Moulds / Fungus


How Ozone works

Once the equipment is set up the operator leaves the area and starts the Ozone process remotely. The Ozone diffuses into the area and engulfs all exposed surfaces and penetrates hidden areas and fabric items. The Ozone rich atmosphere is sustained for a short period of time, typically one hour, during which time all bacteria and other unwanted elements are destroyed.

When the sanitation process is complete, Ozone rapidly reverts back into Oxygen. This is further accelerated by an Ozone diffuser, so the process can be completed quickly.


Product Restoration

After the product has been successfully ozone treated to remove and mould spores it will be thoroughly cleaned in a safe, clean, processing area - ensuring the end result is a fit for sale product.

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