Other Services

Up & Hang / Repacking

The way stock is shipped may not always be the way it needs to be stored or sold. We offer the service of converting boxed stock to hanging, hanging stock to be packed in boxes, or the repacking of goods from the way they are transported into display packaging ready for stores.

Metal Detection

We offer a speedy process for the detection of metal in potentially contaminated garments, our automated machines can be set to detect any kind of sharps that may have been left within a garment with pinpoint accuracy.

Homeware Processing

We are more than just clothing processors, homeware products ranging from sofas to lamps or Christmas baubles to radios are processed on a regular basis. Whatever the product may be we have the means to assist the customer.

Overstickering / Re-labelling

An incorrectly printed barcode or a potential legal issue due to incorrect wording on the labels within a garment can be an issue for any supplier or retailer. We offer multiple means to rectify the problem - be it a simple replacement sticker on the bag, the re-pricing of a product, or a specially made woven oversticker to replace the wording on a care label we are able to assist.


As well as the ozone & manual cleaning service we offer to salvage previously unsellable stock with unpleasant odours / mould, we also have bespoke spot cleaning guns to remove dirty marks that could make their way onto a product either while manufactured or whilst in transit.

Garment Destruction / Recycling

Unfortunately in some situations a product has to be destroyed due to a legal issue or if there are rejected units from a process.

We offer multiple means, at an affordable rate, of the destruction & recycling of any kind of product along with the certification to prove this has been carried out in a green & ethical way to put the customers mind at rest.

Heat Sealing

We offer a heat sealing service for the application of transfers onto any garment to add the finish required prior to making its way to store.

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