Excelpress can offer you a 100% QC inspection service second to none. Any quality issue for any kind of stock, be it a summer top, a winter jacket, a pair of shoes or a set of kitchen pans we will check for faults our customers would not deem acceptable for sale & have the facility to rectify faulty/damaged goods.


Excelpress can offer you the solution for any kind of sewing repair that your stock requires prior to hitting the shop floor. From repairing a poor finish at a seam, replacing incorrect woven labels or securing replacement buttons to your garment we can help you solve any problem.


Excelpress can offer you the solution for any kind of garment that requires pressing or steaming before hitting the shop floor. Our staff have years of experience rectifying anything from transit creasing on suits to dried in creasing on casual tops, or full pressing on trousers, our expertise cover the full range of pressing requirements.


With the nightmare scenario of product arriving into the country with mould & odour problems, we have the equipment & knowledge to solve these issues.


Excelpress offer many more processing services to meet your requirements, anything from metal detection to heat sealing or repacking to hanging stock out of a box, whatever your problem we are here to help.

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The leading reprocessing service providers.

The wide ranging skills of EXCELPRESS are available from modern production units in the English Midlands. Our staff and management are devotees of TQM, and we utilize the latest equipment & systems to manage our business.

All our staff are trained to a very high standard with continuous development & our award-winning senior management team have many years experience in the garment trade, and we aim to provide a one stop shop solution for the UK retailers and their suppliers with a rapid route to market for planned and unplanned product.

EXCELPRESS – providers of the essential links in the garment supply chain with the UK's major retailers.


Next day service available with a 24 hour rapid turnaround upon request.



Ozone Cleaning

“Ozone is the world's second most powerful steriliser and is highly
effective at destroying viruses, bacteria such as mould and odours.”

Once the equipment is set up the operator leaves the area and starts the Ozone process remotely. The Ozone diffuses into the area and engulfs
all exposed surfaces and penetrates hidden areas and fabric items.


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